BR 1-14 The Last Leaf

He painted it on that stormy night when the last leaf fall. He painted it there so that you would live.

This book, The Last Leaf has an amazing ending. I was moved by this heart warming story. The auther, O. Henry is an American short story writer. O. Henry was his pen name and his real name is William Sydney Porter. He was born in 1862 and died in 1910. William Sydney Poter house (or O. Henry House) is a National Register of Historic Place and it is located in Austin, Texas.

The plot follows. Sue and Johnsy lived together in Greenwich Village, New York City. They were artists and also very good friends. Many poor artists lived there because the rent is not too high in the village. One day, Johnsy caught pneumonia. It was spread at the time and many people died. Johnsy got weak and spent days to think about her death. She was looking at leaves from the window and counting. She believed when the leaves had all fallen off, she is going to die. Sue told Behrman about this. He was an old man and also painter but he had painted almost nothing because he hadn't found something wondeful to paint. He liked Sue and Johnsy very much but her word made his angry because he didn't like weak people. After that, rain, snow, wind and storm came but the last leaf was still on the vine. Johnsy felt sorry for Sue that she had been a bad girl and started to think things posotive. She got all better. But then, a doctor told Sue Behrman died of pneumonia. When he was dead, his clothes and shoe were all wet and he was freezing cold. Later, a lamp, ladder, some green and yellow paints and some paintnblushes are found near the last leaf. The leaf was a masterpiece of him.

I was very impressed by Behrman's masterpiece. He was a wonderful artist. Thanks to him, Johnsy could be positive and it gave her energy to live. I learned being positive is important to live.

O. Henry. (2012). The Last Leaf. Compass Publishing.

BR 1-13 The Life And Adventures Of Santa Claus

 "But Santa could only use them on Christmas Eve. So on that special night each year, the reindeer pull Santa's sled."

 This story was written by L. Frank Baum. He is an American author and wrote many stories for children. He's also known as The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz. It turned into a musical and movie. You call it Santa Claus who gives a present on Christmas Eve riding a sled. His name is Claus and the Santa means a saint. One day, he went to houses to give presents at night. Unfortunately the houses are locked so he went down the chimney and got in the houses. Next morning, children found their presents but both the children and their parents didn't know how he got in their houses. That's why Claus's called Santa Claus.

When I was young I believed Santa Clause. I tried to meet him and tried to stay up all the night. Every time I tried, I always failed and slept. When I waked up in the next morning, there was a present already.

My memorable present from him is a house for my doll. I got it when I was six years old. I was very glad because I wanted it.

L. Frank Baum. (2012). The Life And Adventures Of Santa Claus. Compass Publishing.

BR 1-12 Peter Pan

 "All children grow up to be adults. All children, that is, except one."

Peter Pan is one of my favorite classic stories. This reminds me of my childhood. I liked Peter Pan so much when I was a little and wanted to see him. I wanted him to take me to the Neverland. Peter is a boy who doesn't want to grow up. Wendy knows she grows up and has to but she still wants to be a child. At first, Wendy agreed with Peter but She chooses to grow up. They are to be apart. I'm proud of Wendy's decision.

If I could go to the Neverland, I would like to fly in the sky. I don't like height places but it doesn't matter.

Also I would like to meet fairies. I would like to communicate with them.

Barrie, J.M. (2011). Peter Pan. Helbling Languages.

BR 1-11 the Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Then Gunpowder stopped. Ichabod looked around. In the trees next to the road, he saw a big dark shape.

    The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is written by Washington Irving in the early 1800s. It's a famous American story. Sleepy Hollow is a name of a small town along the Hudson River. This small town has a famous legend. It is about a headless horseman ghost who is looking for his head and appears on dark nights. It is said that the ghost is a British soldier whose head was shot off by a cannonball. He returns to a churchyard where his body was buried before the sun comes up.  

   I was very scared by this story. I don't want to meet. But I also feel sorry because it was killed. I wondered he still thought he was alive.

    This story was filmed in 1999. It is starring Johnny Depp. It's an American movie and directed by Tim Burton. I haven't watched but seems interesting.

Irving, W. (2012). the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Compass Publishing.


Essay 3 Movie Review The Notebook

The Notebook is an American romantic drama film in 2004 directed by Nick Cassavetes. It's based on Nick Sparks' novel. Ryan Gosling played young Noah and Rachel McAdams played young Allie. It's set in pre war in South Carolina and it won several award nominations.

              The plot is as follows. Duke (James Garner) reads a story to a woman (Gena Rowlands) who is suffering from dementia. They are elderly and live in a nursing home. The story is about a young couple, Noah Calhoun (Ryan Gosling) and Allison Hamilton (Rachel McAdams). Allie was a heiress and Noah was a poor worker. They loved each other but they were torn apart because Allie was a child of wealthy family but Noah was not and Allie’s mother didn’t approve him and called him trash.

After that, they still loved each other and Noah wrote 356 letters to Allie and sent them on every day but he didn’t receive even a letter from her because her mother hid them. Allie didn’t know anything about the letters.

It was in world warand Allie volunteered as a nurse in a hospital to take care of injured soldiers. When she took care of a soldier she was asked on a date by him but she didn’t take serious because his body was wrapped up in tape and he was just a patient to her. The man recovered and Allie realized he was very handsome.

He was Lon Hammond Jr.(James Marsden), a young lawyer. They were engaged and Allie’s mother was happy for that.

However, Allie never forgot Noah. When she was reading the newspaper she saw a picture of Noah with a house. She took a little trip before her wedding to see Noah. They still loved each other but she already had a fiancé and she loved both of them. She had to make a decision, Noah or Lon. Finally, she chose Noah.

In the present, the woman realizes Allie is herself and Duke is Noah. The romantic story is about themselves. Duke reads the story to her to be remembered.


BR 1-10 Why?

This is no town called Tonek, and no country called Glossia. But there are countries like Glossia all over the world. (p.4)

     Firstly, I thought why this happened. Some people died in this story. Alex  was a young soldier and he went to Glossia, which is an unpeaceful country. He was there to help people there. Unfortunately he was shot by a man in Glossia and died. Some Glossias didn't want soldiers from other countries. That's why he shot Alex. Then one of Alex side shot the man and he died. They used their gun with no hesitation. This brought some bodies.

     Also nobody is happy in this story. Alex had a girlfriend, Sara. His death made her unhappy. Two men took two children and thier mother as hostages to kill soldiers. After a man shot a soldier, he run away with a boy. His mother was unhappy.

P, Philip. (2008). Why? Cambridge University Press.

BR 1-09 Tornado Alley

Slowly, you open the door. You walk out of the closet and look around. The house is gone! (p. 38)

      This story is about Tornado. I am a writer and write stories for a big news website. My dream is to see my name on a big news story. I can choose what I will do next in the book. I went to a small town in Missouri to write a news story. I never knew but Tornado is famous here and people call it Tornado Alley. I heard it from a waitress at a restaurant.

      When I was walking down a main street, the sky got dark and I heard the tornado siren. I needed to find a shelter. Then, a car stopped in front of me. I rode the car and thought the people saved me. The people were tornado hunters. I followed them and we went into the tornado. But the car was broken and we rushed into a house. We are survive.

I,Lesley. (2015). Tornado Alley. Atama-ii Books.

BR 1-08 John Doe

I do know who I am. But I'm not telling him. I'm not telling anybody. (p. 10)

     John Robert was a killer. One day he was carried to a hospital because he fell down on the street. He pretended to have amnesia but it was not true. When Doctor Cox asked his name, he answered he didn’t remember it so he was called John Doe, which is a name for a man who doesn’t seem to be known who he is. He already had killed a woman and took advantage of being unknown he tried to kill his nurse, Angela.

     I think he is very dangerous. Of course, it’s because he was a killer but his way of thinking was not ordinary. He killed a woman because she didn’t want to be his friend. Who murders people because of that reason? He also tried to kill his nurse because he thought she didn’t like him and she rather liked Doctor Cox. It’s jealous. She liked him because she was nice to him when she saw him in the street she helped him and let him in her house to give him a cup of coffee but it’s not the same way as him. He might didn’t like it.

Moses, A. (1999). John Doe. Cambridge University Press.


My self introduction (20 years in the future)

20 years in the future, I am going to be 40 years old. I have an amazing husband. He is handsome and he has beautiful blue eyes. He is gentle. He makes coffee every morning. He works at Apple.

I met him in New York when I was 22 years old. It was summer and I visited there on a vacation. I got lost and I was in trouble. It felt like the end of the world. Then a man came and asked me if I’m OK. That’s my husband. He is very gentle to every single person and that’s why I like him. He also has good sense of humor. I like to be with him. 3 years later, we got married. We had a wedding in  mountains and it was very romantic and touching. My husband and I danced through the night. After that we have lived in California. We built a house near a beach. I like this place.

I have three wonderful children, Sophie, Jake and Lily. Sophie is 13 years old. She does ballet. Her dream is to be a ballet dancer. She practices hard every day. Jake is 11 years old and plays baseball. Of course, his dream is to a baseball player. He is a big fan of Los Angeles Angles. Sophie is 9 years old. She likes singing and dancing and she is very good at it. Her dream is to be a singer. She sings Ariana Grande’s songs in the shower every day. They have a good relationship.

I work as a flight attendant. I like this job because I can travel around the world. It’s a little sad to be apart with my family a few days but my kids enjoy my travel stories. I like to read books at the beach on my day off. It’s very relaxing. I enjoy my life in this way.

BR 1-07 The Girl With Red Hair.

Yes, Wednesday really is the best day of the week.

     Mark Sellers is 22 years old and he works in security in Mason's store. The story is about his crash into a girl with red hair. I think most people have experienced it. In his case, he was a very lucky guy. He had a crash while he was working but he saw the girl was with a child with the same hair color, red and the same eye color, green. He thought the child was her boy, she got married and had a husband. And then a man came forward to her and he kissed her. He was disapointed and felt down.

     His friend asked him to go to club. He was a girl with red hair and green eyes. He also saw another girl who had red hair and green eyes. He was confused but he realized they were sisters. The girl he had a crush haven't got married yet and had a child. I hope I have a story like that.

Lindop, Christine. (2009). The Girl With Red Hair. Oxford University Press.

BR 1-06 How Mountains Are Made

Mount Everest may be growing up as much as two inches each year. (p. 29)
      This book is about how mountains are made, literally. It remands me of geography class in high school. It was much easier to understand than the text book that I've read. I knew the earth has long long history before human being are made. Mountains are created one after another. Old ones are worn by rain, wind and ice and disappears. New ones are made by folding and being pushed up plates.

      I was surprised because the book said Mount Everest is a younger mountain. It still can be even higher.

Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner. (1995). How Mountains  Are Made. Harper Collins Publishers.

BR 1-14 The Last Leaf

He painted it on that stormy night when the last leaf fall. He painted it there so that you would live. This book, The Last Leaf has an am...